Life is Magic, Where is my Rabbit?

by Fraser Ross

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released August 10, 2018

Recorded & mixed by Dr. Lee Prebble @ Surgery Studios
Mastered by Mike Gibson @ Munki Studios
Design by Turumeke Harrington

Fraser Ross – Vox/Rhythm guitar
Olivia Campion – Drums
Jeremy Desmond – Lead Guitar/BVs
Jacqui Nyman - Bass

Additional musicians…
Hannah Fraser played violin on Marseille, and Salisbury Lane
Deano Shirriffs sang on Mongrels
Lee Prebble clapped on Aladdin’s Eyes
Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa played drums on In the Rain
Matt Enright played trumpet on Davey Jones
Gareth Thompson Darling played trombone on Davey Jones
Eamonn Deverall played baritone sax. on Davey Jones
Jacqui and Jeremy switched duties on Aladdin’s Eyes
Rhodes & Percussion by FOJJO


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Fraser Ross Christchurch, New Zealand

Fraser Ross is Fraser Ross

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Track Name: Marseille

I remember the day…
On that hill in Marseille
Your soft dress blowing
And the sky so blue
All the way around you
High above the weather
Talley ho…
You’re just there, on them birds in the evening
As they fly onward…

Drinking wine in the shade
At your father’s place
And them jack-rabbit stars
10,000 days I have lived
But never one so often
I seem to save it for you darling
But you don’t know
You’re just there, on them birds in the evening
As they fly onward…

Then we meet down Abercrombie Street
In the heat of the Spring
And all the memories it bring
They roll around in me
Looking for an opening
Like a little ball that’s broken
Talley ho…
You’re just there, on them birds in the evening
As they fly onward…
Track Name: In the Rain

Like a drop that fall onto a cold garden
Know if you don't keep moving on you do harden

In the rain

In the garden of the rain there is a ghost
That know one day we all have to go home

In the rain

Glistening now
Glistening now

In the rain
Track Name: Salisbury Lane
Salisbury Lane

I was walking down a Salisbury lane
Sure it's raining on the way
When I met this woman, I'll have you know
The light of the world in a lonely world
I lay my body down there on the road
And just lay there like a stone

I tell you she's so creative
And I don't blame her
For her dreams
How long they go
Because time is shackled
To her feet
'Pour me' She says
'Pour me a gin
Then drink with me darling,
Then drink with me again.'
And I am drunk
I am drunk
In her company
Just like a stone

Now that I'm with her
And now that I'm drunk
I love everyone

So we go walking
Down Salisbury Lane
Yea! Down Salisbury Lane
Because we wrote our names
Somewhere beyond the rain
I tell you
I love this woman
More than if I tried
And it don't really matter
What I sing
Or what I write
It is written
In the stone

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